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Lvl Lacrosse was founded on the philosophy of growing the game around the world. The more products we sell, the more we donate. As we grow, our giving and community efforts will continue to grow right alongside it!


This will hit the field ready to go. Any kid who buys this will be able to go play and his stick will not hold him back at all. I mean you think about $50 for a stick - and it's good. It's a good lacrosse stick. I love that.

Tom Ledin

I was looking for a new stick for my 7 year old son. I heard about Lvl Lacrosse on the Going Offsides Podcast and thought I would give it a try. The order came quickly and the customer service was excellent. I have been a high school lacrosse coach for 20 years and you can't beat this product. It's perfect right out of the plastic. The shaft feels awesome, probably my son's favorite feature.  The head is wide, which is great for a young player, but don't worry about the ball coming out on checks because whatever mesh they used holds the ball incredibly well. This stick throws on the money every pass. My son couldn't be happier. He wants to go out and play because the stick gives him confidence. Great product and great customer service.

Greg Foster

It’s a nice stick! It feels really good. Handles nice; it has a good shape to it! It came with a cool two piece end cap. Good color scheme. Simple. Sleek. Handle has a nice coating on it. It’s a good all around stick. The head has a good scoop angle. You definitely tell it’s going to pick up ground balls a lot easier than the offensive specific heads out there” 

Tim Ripley