Giving Back with Lvl Lacrosse

Giving Back with Lvl Lacrosse

Lacrosse is one of the world’s most beloved sports, and, in the past decade, it has seen a boom in popularity globally. Hundreds of thousands of people are finding themselves in love with the sport, and as the participation increases, Lvl Lacrosse wants to extend a helping hand to make sure everyone can enjoy the game. 

Growing the Love for Lacrosse

Lvl Lacrosse is here to support that growth. Our goal is to bolster participation and love for this sport worldwide, starting with donating one item from our store with every item we sell.

Giving Back to Our Communities

Lvl Lacrosse was founded with the goal of growing the game worldwide. The more products we sell, the more we can invite others into our appreciation for the sport by providing access to the necessary equipment. That’s where you come in.

You are a part of a community greater than yourself. It is often said that “sport is a universal language.” You can help us to bring the global lacrosse community closer together by purchasing from our store, allowing us to strengthen outreach efforts and donate more items to groups in need.

If you are one of those organizations that needs a helping hand, reach out to us! Send an email to with the details of your request. 

If not, then get to shopping, and let’s show the world exactly what teamwork can accomplish. 

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